WBSC partners with Legend by LEVERADE to present Digital Trophy for U-18 Baseball World Cup

LEGEND by Leverade
3 min readSep 1, 2023


Get ready for the upcoming XXXI U-18 Baseball World Cup as the World Baseball Softball Confederation(WBSC) and LEVERADE join forces to bring you an innovative twist — Digital Trophies. The highly anticipated WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup, set to start on 31 August and hosted in Taipei City and Taichung, will gather the world’s top Baseball programs for an exhilarating competition.

What sets this edition apart? The unveiling of a pioneering approach with the integration of blockchain technology to bring digital awards to the forefront. This groundbreaking collaboration not only marks a new era in Baseball recognition but also empowers athletes to personalize their awards with multimedia elements, adding a unique touch to commemorate their exceptional accomplishments.

Revolutionizing awards in Baseball through blockchain technology

The landscape of sport is undergoing a transformative shift with the emergence of blockchain technology. In this wave of change, the WBSC is at the forefront, ushering in a new era of recognition and rewards with digital collectibles. Through the integration of blockchain, each award is endowed with a unique certificate, guaranteeing its authenticity and individuality.

This dynamic leap forward empowers athletes and programmes to infuse their victories with personal touches, elevating their awards into cherished mementos adorned with images and videos. This innovation not only celebrates success but also provides a platform for athletes to narrate their triumphs in an unprecedented manner.

The number of digital collectibles has surged across different sports, gaining rapid traction. Over 20 prominent sports federations have already embraced this digital revolution, reimagining how athletes are honoured. Beyond their emotional significance, these digital accolades can be prominently showcased and seamlessly shared within the Legend Digital Museum. This catalyzes the creation of a perpetual digital legacy, immortalizing the remarkable feats of these sports stars.

Choosing Sustainability: A Greener Path with Digital Trophy

Amidst the waves of innovation and personalization, the introduction of digital awards carries a profound environmental advantage — sustainability. Traditional physical trophies and medals bear a hefty carbon footprint due to their manufacturing and transportation processes. In sharp contrast, digital collectibles leave a minimal ecological footprint, making them a conscientious and eco-friendly alternative that resonates with the growing call for environmental preservation.

The WBSC’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness stands as a compelling example, inspiring other organizers to rally behind this noble endeavor. The collaboration between the WBSC and LEVERADE, who provided digital trophies for the inaugural WBSC Baseball5 World Cup and Virtual Cup last year, symbolizes a progressive stride towards leveraging technology for the advancement of sports. By weaving blockchain technology and the concept of digital collectibles, a realm of boundless possibilities emerges, not solely for honouring athletes but also for elevating the overall sport’s experience.

In a world of evolving technologies, every federation is encouraged to follow suit, delving into the uncharted territories of potential that await for the betterment of athletes on a global scale.

Seize the Moment: For Organizations and Federations

The horizon of sports is intricately tied to the adoption of new-age technologies, with blockchain integration and digital collectibles as a prelude. If you’re a part of a federation, this is a golden opportunity that should not evade your grasp.

Embrace the future of sports today!



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