The Spanish Rowing Federation (FER) and LEVERADE have signed an agreement to deliver digital awards (NFT) at the Spanish Beach Sprint Championship.

The Spanish Rowing Federation (FER) has taken a giant leap into the future of the sport by announcing its partnership with LEVERADE to award digital trophies (NFT) to the winning athletes of the Spanish Beach Sprint Championship.

The competition will be held on September 10–11, in La Línea de la Concepción (Andalusia).

The agreement between LEVERADE and FER is a big step towards innovation. The Spanish company is the technology supplier of the federation and the one in charge of implementing blockchain technology as a tool to make this awarding possible.

The particularity of this event is that, for the first time in the history of rowing in Spain, the winners will have the possibility of receiving a trophy in NFT digital format.

The fixture of the competition

The Club Marítimo Linense will be the proud host of this national competition, organized by the Spanish Rowing Federation and the Andalusian Rowing Federation, in which more than 600 people are expected, including athletes, companions, referees, and fans of the sport.

This is the first edition of the Spanish Beach Sprint Championship, as it is a new type of sea rowing. This competition is much more explosive and exciting due to the type of the course and its distance.

In addition, this Spain championship gives access to the national team, being the winners in the youth and absolute categories who will represent Spain in the next world championships, where last year the Spanish won three gold medals, and the European Beach Sprint.

The event will begin at 09:00 hours on Saturday. During the day all the rounds will be disputed and on Sunday morning the semifinals and finals of all modalities.

What is an NFT?

The acronym NFT stands for “non-fungible token”, i.e. NFTs are non-fungible tokens. What does it mean that they are non-fungible? They are those that cannot be substituted or replaced by others because each one of them is different from the rest, unique, with different properties and each one has a certificate of authenticity and ownership. In contrast, a fungible token can be replaced by the same asset because they have the same value: a Bitcoin is always worth a Bitcoin, the same as money, and a euro is a euro no matter what banknote we have.

Blockchain technology in sports

Thanks to this technology, FER will deliver official trophies and medals minted by the Federation, with a certificate of authenticity and ownership recorded in the blockchain forever.

Digital trophies are a great tool to engage the public, promote interest and interaction on social networks and attract media attention.

Therefore, this agreement between FER and LEVERADE is a historical achievement for the sport in Spain and is a great step to demonstrate the benefits that blockchain technology can offer to both federations and athletes, amplifying the impact of each award granted.

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The bridge between sports and technology. Digital NFT trophies and medals for sport competitions.

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The bridge between sports and technology. Digital NFT trophies and medals for sport competitions.