Seed + Strategic Round OVERSUSCRIBED

Sports management & monetization software developer, LEVERADE, has completed a +1M EUR Seed + Strategic Round ahead of its native $LEGEND token launch. The oversubscribed Seed Round was led by Origin Ventures,, ISPOLINK, Orion Depp, Shima Capital, and Damo Labs, MahaDAO, Chainfir Capital.

The proceeds will be used to fuel the development of LEVERADE’s highly anticipated $LEGEND token, ahead of their launch of the world’s first sports federation launchpad.

Antonio Romero, CEO of LEVERADE, stated his excitement about the future of the company & this upcoming transition as he said:

We are truly grateful to all of the investors who have trusted in our team’s ability, innovation, and vision, and who believe that blockchain can truly change the future of sports & improve the way fans, players, teams, leagues & federations connect with one another.

The level of demand for our upcoming $LEGEND token took us by surprise, and we could have filled our private round many times over. We’re definitely excited to share everything we’re working on with sports fans around the world, and cannot wait for our public token launch.

Interest in $LEGEND by LEVERADE has increased recently due to the success that blockchain is having in the sports sector. By targeting federations, LEVERADE has access to the whole sports ecosystem. The Spanish startup has been working in the sports industry for over six years with federations such as Football France, Swimming Singapore and Tennis Spain, whom they expect to introduce into the crypto world soon.

The date for the forthcoming $LEGEND public initial coin offering, open to the public to partcipate, will be announced soon.


LEVERADE has been offering technology and tools for six years to professionalize and optimize the daily management of sports entities. The Spanish startup currently works with more than 90 sports federations around the world, with more than 40 million sporting events organized on its platform and more than 10 million marks in sports such as swimming and athletics being processed each year.

LEVERADE was selected by Google for its Google Launchpad program, winner of the Entrepreneur XXI award, a finalist in the Sports Technology Awards and recently chosen by Dubai Future Programs for the digitization of the country’s football federation.

$LEGEND by LEVERADE is the world’s first sports federation launchpad. The company envisions a world where blockchain empowers sports fans, athletes, and entities to get rewarded while doing what they love, through the world’s first initial sports federation offerings (IFO).

The $LEGEND token will be everyone’s entry ticket to participate in upcoming IFOs where holders can partcipate in governance, stake to get rewards & connect with the entire sports ecosystem in a way that has never been seen before.

To learn more & participate in the public round, visit LEVERADE’s website & follow them on Twitter & Telegram for more announcements & updates.




The first launchpad for sports federation tokens — Making Sports Sustainable

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The first launchpad for sports federation tokens — Making Sports Sustainable

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