Santiago 2023 Legacy: Digital Diplomas for the Top Athletes

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3 min readOct 18, 2023


The Pan American and Para Pan American Games, Santiago 2023, are one of the largest multidisciplinary international sport events in which athletes from across the Americas participate. This 24th edition is poised to make history as it introduces a groundbreaking initiative: the delivery of digital diplomas using blockchain technology. In addition, there will be diplomas adapted for non-sighted individuals, having audio accessibility through integrated artificial intelligence technology.

This collaboration between Santiago 2023 and LEVERADE marks a new era in Pan American and global sports, enabling athletes to enjoy and share their digital diplomas with their followers. This decision by the organizing committee not only fosters inclusivity and innovation but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

An Environmentally Friendly Legacy.

Beyond the realms of personalization and innovation, the introduction of digital awards brings forth another significant benefit — environmental sustainability. The issuance of 18,500 digital diplomas is expected to have a substantial positive impact on the environment. This initiative will save approximately 33 trees from being felled, significantly reducing the water consumption associated with traditional certificate production. Santiago 2023 becomes the first Pan American sporting event to implement such eco-conscious measures.

This move underscores Santiago 2023’s commitment to environmental stewardship, leaving a lasting legacy for the future of sports.

Empowering Athletes with Enhanced Accessibility

As previously mentioned, these diplomas are not just going digital in an effort to modernize award distribution and achieve an environmentally sustainable solution. Additionally, thanks to the technology developed by LEVERADE and utilizing trending tools like Artificial Intelligence, a solution has been crafted to enable visually impaired athletes to enjoy these awards through audio. This undeniably marks a significant stride and a pioneering move for all sporting competitions, promoting inclusivity and accessibility through the power of technology.

The adoption of blockchain in sports.

The rise of blockchain technology has brought about a significant shift in how awards and recognition are presented in the world of sports. Santiago 2023 has taken the lead in this movement by incorporating cutting edge technology, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of each achievement through a special certificate. This exciting development empowers athletes to personalize their awards with images and videos, providing them with an exceptional platform to showcase their achievements.

The concept of digital awards is gaining popularity among various sports federations. Already, more than 20 prominent federations have embraced this digital revolution to honor their athletes. These digital awards hold both sentimental value and can be proudly exhibited and shared in a digital museum, preserving a lasting legacy that immortalizes their accomplishments.

The collaboration between Santiago 2023 and LEVERADE represents a progressive approach to harnessing technology for the advancement of sports. The integration of blockchain and the concept of digital collectibles offers endless possibilities, not only in recognizing athletes but also in enhancing the overall sports experience. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for every federation to follow suit and explore untapped potential for the betterment of athletes worldwide.



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