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3 min readMay 6, 2022

Let’s talk about our Official Digital Trophies…

Official Digital Trophies? In a couple of minutes you’ll have a better aproach!

In our previous post, we told you about the concept we are working on at LEVERADE, Compete2Earn, and how we believe it will help make sport more sustainable. Now, let’s talk about Official Digital Trophies

Following this line, LEVERADE is the first company in the world to deliver digital (NFT) awards — trophies, medals, records — to athletes and clubs that are part of elite sports federations.

Before analyzing the term in depth, what it implies and the utilities it will have, here is a brief context about what LEVERADE is and why we want to bring sports closer to blockchain technology.

We are a Spanish company with more than 8 years of experience managing competitions. Our goal is to help sport to be sustainable and generate new revenue channels.

We have an important network of contacts among decision makers from various sports entities around the world and also an extensive community of athletes on our platform, whom we seek to benefit with new technologies so that they are able to monetize their greatest passion.

Now, what are NFT Trophies?

On Twitter we made this thread with everything you need to know about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), which offer you the necessary context to open your mind to this new way of understanding sport.

In this case, LEVERADE’s Official Digital Trophies are a way to reward athletes for competing. They are digital assets in NFT format that represent official awards and are endorsed by the federation or sporting entity of the athlete receiving them.

We have consulted several athletes and sportsmen and women, and they unanimously agree that they prefer to have their trophies and medals on their mobile phones and be able to share them with their community rather than hang them on a wall or keep them in a box.

From there, the potential is unlimited. One of the utilities we are planning is a showroom so that federations and athletes can show off their achievements and thus be able to gather in one place all the marks and achievements they have obtained.

In addition, technology allows us to design spectacular trophies and medals that have a greater impact on young audiences and attract the attention of the media and social media users.

NFTs are the bricks of the metaverse and the sports industry will grow thanks to this technology that aims to change the way we perceive the internet and the digital world.

In addition, the $LEGEND token will soon be released, which will allow owners to connect in a never-before-seen way with their favorite athletes via federation tokens (e.g. $FIFA, $FIA, $FIBA, etc).

LEVERADE is building the future of sports, and it will not be an easy path, but we are heading towards that direction being pioneers and always stepping up the game bringing technology and innovation. This is just the beginning, we have huge plans ahead!

LEGEND by Leverade

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