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Legend by LEVERADE
3 min readMay 17, 2023

Introducing LEGEND by LEVERADE — our innovative new identity that’s set to revolutionize the sports industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Legend is committed to driving digital transformation and enhancing the sports experience for federations, athletes, and fans worldwide.

Legend’s comprehensive ecosystem comprises digital asset services, trophies, and blockchain projects that are designed to help users achieve their sports goals in a new and innovative way. “We’re passionate about leaving a lasting legacy in the sports industry through customized, quality solutions that enhance user experience,” said Antonio Romero, CEO of LEGEND.

As part of its commitment to innovation, Legend has launched a new website that provides a seamless user experience and presents a comprehensive overview of its ecosystem. The website’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface allow users to easily explore the various components of the ecosystem, including Legend’s Factory, Museum, Marketplace, and the $LEGEND token.


Legend Factory is the first link in this ecosystem, offering high-quality and original digital trophies that are certified by sports federations and competition organizers. With contracts with over 20 federations worldwide, including tier 1 federations like the World Baseball & Softball Confederation, International University Sports Federation, Tennis Spain, and Swimming France, Legend is leading the way in the digital transformation of sports. Athletes and teams can create official Digital Trophies, Medals, and personalized assets with proof of performance, including statistics from the season or individual matches.


The next link in the Legend ecosystem is Legend Museum, a place where federations, clubs, teams, and athletes can have their own digital gallery and showcase their trophies and medals to the public. This innovation completely changes the way athletes interact with their fans, allowing them to have a gallery at their fingertips where they can share all their achievements based on their efforts, anywhere and anytime.


With Legend Market, Legend introduces the world’s first sports marketplace for digital trophies. Fans can buy official NFT trophies and digital assets certified by sports federations and leagues, providing an immersive and personalized experience that celebrates the best of sports. Athletes can now turn their digital collectibles into a source of income, showcasing their achievements while making money at the same time.


To fuel the entire Legend ecosystem and serve as the exchange method for buying collectibles, Legend will launch the $LEGEND token. With utilities like Market, Voting rights, Exclusive discounts on merchandise and drops, Staking, and Fan engagement, $LEGEND tokens bridge the gap between sports and blockchain.

With Legend, the future of sports is now. By providing customized, quality solutions to federations, athletes, and fans worldwide, Legend is leading the digital transformation of sports.

Join Legend today and be part of the future of sports!



Legend by LEVERADE

Legend by LEVERADE is transforming sports awards connecting federations, athletes, and fans. The Future of Sports; Today. 🏆