Legend Club Exclusive Membership is now available on the Legend Market

LEGEND by Leverade
2 min readNov 29, 2023


We hope you share our excitement for the developments in the thrilling Legend Ecosystem. The countdown to the Legend Market and token launch is underway, and we have some exciting news to share as we approach the big day!

Legend Club is an exclusive group of 2000 members within the Legend Ecosystem, offering exclusive benefits:

  • $LEGEND rewards and access to the pre-sale
  • Early access to collectibles
  • Exclusive collections for members
  • Sports merchandise
  • Exclusive access to athletes
  • Discounts and promotions at sponsor stores

Learn how to get yours!

Over the past few months, as part of our distribution strategy, we have been airdropping Legend Club memberships through draws and contests. We are pleased to announce that the winners can now claim their NFTs on the Legend Market. Click here.

The public launch of Legend Club will be announced simultaneously with the public launch of Legend Market. (SPOILER: Very soon) Therefore, we recommend continuing to participate in the Legend Club campaign and being among the first 200 to join for free, as the remaining 1800 memberships will have a value of 30 USDT.

Have you won a draw or contest? Learn how to claim it!

  1. Head over to https://market.belegends/club

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Scroll down, and if you’re elegible, you will be able to claim the NFT.

4. That’s it! We will soon be announcing the initial benefits for Legend Club holders.

As we look forward to the market and token launch, your unwavering support is crucial at this pivotal moment.

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LEGEND by Leverade

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