How to sell your digital trophies, medals and diplomas in the Legend Market — Step by step guide

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4 min readDec 28, 2023


Congratulations on claiming your trophy, medal, or digital certificate from your federation! Once you’ve received your accolades, the next step is to create your digital gallery in the Legend Museum. This virtual museum allows athletes and federations to store their digital achievements and share them with fans at their convenience.

But that’s not all! Now it’s time to market your accomplishments in the Legend Market. This platform provides a space for you to sell fragments of your achievements in exchange for benefits to your fans, creating additional revenue streams for yourself.

To get started, you’ll need to mint your trophies, medals, or certificates so that they can be sold in the Legend Market. But don’t worry, we created an article to guide you through the process using an email wallet.

After you have your minted trophies, you are able to list them for sale. Let’s go!

Step 1) Click on ‘CONNECT WALLET’ and connect your Email, Metamask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect.

Step 2) Click on your profile to view your minted trophies.

Step 3) Click on the trophy you want to list for sale.

Step 4) Click on the ‘LIST FOR SALE’ button.

⚠️ Important: To list your trophy for sale, you must have $MATIC available to cover the network fee. It’s a simple process:

a) Click on BUY CRYPTO.

b) Select the USD amount you want, your payment method, and choose to buy MATIC.

c) Click on “Buy Now” to complete the necessary steps and get your MATIC.

d) Now, let’s continue with listing your trophy for sale!

Step 5) Choose your listing type. You have the option to sell the complete trophy or divide it into fragments to appeal to a wider range of fans.

If you choose to list the full item, please select a price and confirm the listing.

If you choose to fragment it, you need to select the number of fragments you want to keep, determine the price for each one, and confirm the listing.

Click on ‘CONFIRM’.

Step 6) Congratulations! Your vault has been successfully deployed. Please allow a few minutes for it to appear in the Legend Market.

After some minutes…


Congratulations! You have successfully listed your full item or fragments on the market.

Now, it’s time to develop strategies to capture the attention of your fans and provide them with compelling benefits that will motivate them to purchase and support your career.

TIP: The better you customize and share your Digital Museum, the more exposure you will have, and create new revenue streams through fan engagement.

Stay tuned about everything you need to know about Legend by LEVERADE.

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