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On May 27th, we had the pleasure of hosting 2 special guests, Joao Lages, Lympid’s CEO, and Antonio Romero, Legend’s CEO, to discuss the utilities and challenges around RWAs (Real World Assets). We dived into their current impact and future potential in transforming the Web3 space— and general finances as well — .

Missed our X Spaces session? No worries! The Legend team has you covered. Here’s a recap to catch you up on everything you need to know ⬇️

In the first 10 minutes of the AMA, Joao and Antonio introduced themselves and shared a summary of their professional journeys both within and outside web3.

Lages has been in the finance sector for seven years, serving as a blockchain advisor for projects during IDOs. After gaining insights from his experiences and observing the challenges faced by other projects, he founded Lympid with the goal of making web3 accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, Romero has been providing technological services in the sports sector. Drawing from this background, he conceptualized digital trophies and integrated blockchain technology to revolutionize the sports industry. This idea led him to create Legend.

Lympid and Legend share a common goal: addressing significant pain points in the blockchain and tokenization industry. When you look at the current tokenization market, you will see that the majority of the TVL is from US depth. So if you start tokenizing it, it wouldn’t be an asset; it’s real-world yield at maximum.

In the blockchain and real world, it’s rare to find offerings that tokenize and fragment such assets. This is where both ventures stand out from their competitors in the space.

“The ones that are not harnessing the potential right now are for certain going to be left behind specifically on this part of fractionalizing investments. Because it’s simply a better solution” — Joao Lages

On top of that, Legend collaborates with more than 60,000 athletes and prominent governing bodies such as the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, the Pan American Games, and others. It is the first-ever entity in creating and delivering trophies in a digital format for a World Cup event.

PS: The International Olympic Committee just created a report about sustainability and digital trophies. Read it all here.

When it comes to investor security, both projects offer unique features rarely considered by competitors. For instance, Lympid provides insurance for their horses in case of physical incidents such as injuries or illnesses.

Meanwhile, we have Legend which does not tokenize physical medals or trophies; instead, they introduce a new official digital asset that is independent of the physical realm. This enables users — from athletes to fans and federation members — to access it through one of Legend’s tools: verifiable certificates. Check them out at:

Currently, both ventures are nearing their TGE and IDO. The primary goal is to expand their reach to a broader community by introducing more exciting products, such as additional horse championships, engaging marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, airdrops, and more.

They aim to provide a user-friendly platform and enhanced services for Lympid’s and Legend’s users, ensuring a fun, thrilling, and positive experience throughout their journey when they invest in RWA’s and Digital Collectibles in the Sports World.

About Lympid:

Lympid has established a regulatory-compliant platform in Europe to issue and trade Real World Assets (RWA), offering a neo-bank like app for investing in tokenized assets. With Lympid, users can invest 24/7 in RWA with an easy-to-use app that gives access to assets like Horses, Art, Luxury Watches, US Treasuries and Residential Real Estate.

About Legend:

LEGEND is a pioneering venture, in partnership with elite bodies like the World Baseball & Softball Confederation and the Pan American Games, offers the unique opportunity to tokenize athletic achievements, connecting over 60 million athletes worldwide with their supporters.

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